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It was reported in The National Interest last year that US was trying for the self-healing or self-regenerating armour capability for multiple weapon platforms including tanks, drones and even “Personal Soldier Armour”. Now for some it seems just a fantasy but it very much is about to be turned into reality. Many researchers are working for the goal to achieve it and with not 100% but still substantial success. Though a fascinating subject, its scope is a little restricted. As we know that mass or specifically energy cannot be created or destroyed, rather they can change forms only. …

In modern warfare, the most dangerous but guaranteeing form of deterrence is, no doubt, Nuclear Capability. The scale of damage it can cause forces the world powers to rethink about war. Whereas, in some cases, nuclear capable militaries guarantee their victory by nuclear threat. But with advancing computing strength and technology, we are moving towards another capability which can rival the guarantee of complete victory, but surprisingly without loss of innocent lives or irreparable damage. This “clean” alternative to nuclear capability could possibly be Quantum Computer.

What is a Quantum Computer?

Though a lengthy topic itself, I will briefly explain…

With the security situation around the globe changing rapidly, the superpowers are heavily investing cash, human resource and time in searching and developing new techniques and technologies of war to subdue their rivals. After the era of Cold War, we saw new forms of warfare coming into play, even new terms being coined by different security institutions for example, Hybrid Warfare, 5th Generation Warfare, Information Warfare and Cyber Warfare.

In all of this hustle and bustle, there was another term floating around, something that was transformational by nature, though not precisely defined. This term was Algorithm Driven Warfare or Algorithm…

Mahad Khan

Software Engineer, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Ethical Hacking is my hobby.

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